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2nd hand reviewers

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#1 doc-macky


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Posted 06 August 2017 - 07:07 AM

Anyone interested in buying second hand reviewers? You can PM me and send your CP#. Preferred meet ups in The Robinson’s place Manila, and Market-market. I can also send the books with additional shipping fee. Thanks!

1. Pretest Histology 2nd ed.Physiology 8th ed and Biochemistry 8th ed. - all for 100ph
- original
- no highlight
- no plastic cover

2. Review questions in legal medicine, ethics and & medical jurisprudence 10th ed - 80ph
- photocopy
- min highlight
- no plastic cover

3. BRS Pathology C 1993 - 120ph
- photocopy
- heavy highlight w/ notes
- no plastic cover

4. OB blueprints 4th ed - 120ph
- photocopy
- heavy highlight
- with plastic cover

5. Clinical anatomy: An illustrated review w/ questions and explanations 3rd ed - 120ph
- photocopy
- heavy highlight
- with plastic cover

6. BRS physiology 3rd ed. - 120ph
- photocopy
- heavy highlight
- with plastic cover

7. Surgical recall 4th ed. - 120ph
- photocopy
- moderate highlight
- with plastic cover

8. Clinical microbiology made ridiculously simple C2004- 150ph
- photocopy
- heavy highlight
- with plastic cover

9. Digging up the bones biochemistry 2nd ed. - 70ph
- photocopy
- heavy highlight with notes
- with plastic cover

10. High yield internal medicine 1st ed. - 120ph
- photocopy
- heavy highlight with notes
- no plastic cover

11. High yield gross anatomy 3rd ed - 120ph
- photocopy
- heavy highlight with some notes
- no plastic cover

12. Blueprints in pediatrics 1997 - 120ph
- photocopy
- moderate highlight
- no plastic cover

13. A compilation of board examination questions in micro and parasitology 2nd ed. - 120ph
- original
- no highlight but with marks
- no plastic cover

14. The mont reid surgical handbook C1997 - 150ph
- photocopy
- moderate highlight
- with plastic cover


15. Compilation of Mock Board Exams from DLSU (2008), UP (2008) and PRC (2000-2005)= 350ph/each photocopy or 1000ph all in all

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Posted 26 August 2017 - 01:38 PM

Good Day, Doctors! 
I'm selling a bunch of my resources that have helped my throughout med school. Included in this list are BRAND NEW AND SECOND HAND MEDICAL TEXTBOOKS, USMLE and BOARD REVIEW RESOURCES as well as WARD AND REVALIDA AIDS. Kindly help me by purchasing. Thank you so much! 




*condition of the book is described in parenthesis after title, print date, and edition

*individual book price is listed after each book

*discount available for BULK purchases

*photos of the book/s can be requested

*most each book was PRICE MATCHED with at LEAST 40% off from it's CURRENT price listed on C&E


CONTACT 0917-531-9936 







  • Dorland’s Pocket Medical Dictionary 2009/28th (brand new) ₱1,200
  • A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests by Fischbach 1996/5th (acceptable condition) ₱350
  • American Red Cross Community First Aid and Safety (like new) ₱200
  • The American Medical Association Guide to Your Family’s Symptoms 1994 (acceptable condition) ₱250
  • Family Health Guide and Medical Encyclopedia (acceptable condition) ₱250
  • PRETEST: Clinical Vignettes for the USMLE Step 2 CK 2006/4th ed (brand new) ₱100
  • Handbook of Medical and Surgical Emergencies for Revalida (brand new. black and white copy of original) ₱400
  • Revalida Reviewer for OPD Cases (brand new) ₱200



  • The Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit (acceptable condition, drawings colored in) ₱50
  • USMLE ROAD MAP: Gross Anatomy by White 2006/2nd ed (brand new) ₱250
  • CASE FILES: Gross Anatomy by Toy 2005/1st ed (brand new) ₱100
  • Essential Guide to Netter’s Anatomy [BABY NETTER] by Hansen 3rd ed (brand new) ₱600



  • CASE FILES: Psychiatry by Toy 2007/2nd ed (brand new) ₱100
  • PRETEST: Psychiatry by Klamen 2006/11th ed (brand new) ₱100
  • Kaplan and Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry by Sadock 2007/10th ed (very good condition) ₱60



  • 100 Most Frequently Asked Bioethics Questions by Tan-Alora 2015/1st ed (brand new) ₱60



  • Andrew’s Diseases of the Skin by James 2011/11th ed (good condition. some dog eared pages. highlights on some chapters)  ₱4,000



  • Fundamentals of Otolaryngology by Boies 1989/6th ed (like new. slightly dog-eared) ₱500
  • Quick Reference for Otolaryngology by Scott 2017 (brand new. colored copy of original with small font) ₱250



  • Basic Immunology by Abbas 2009/3rd ed (like new. few highlighted pages) ₱1200
  • USMLE ROAD MAP: Immunology by Parmely 2006 (brand new) ₱200



  • Legal Medicine by Solis (brand new. photocopied copy of original) ₱300
  • Medical Jurisprudence by De Belen 2009/1st ed (brand new) ₱700



  • Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination by Seidel 2011/7th ed (very good condition. only mark is an ink stain at the bottom of the book and few highlights) ₱2,200
  • Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination Handbook [BABY MOSBY’S] by Seidel 2011/7th (brand new) ₱1,000
  • CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2014 by Papadakis 2014 (brand new) ₱1,500
  • The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics by Godara 2014/34th ed (like new. few highlights) ₱900
  • STEP-UP to Medicine by Agabegi/3rd ed (brand new. colored copy of original) ₱500
  • IM Platinum by Aherrera 2013/1st ed (brand new hard bound copy of original) ₱50
  • The Washington Manual’s Subspecialty Consult Series: General Internal Medicine Consult by Kwoh 2004/1st ed (brand new) ₱200
  • Medicine Blue Book by Ong 6th ed (brand new) ₱200
  • Medicine Blue Book [pocket size edition] by Ong 11th ed (like new. slightly wrinkled cover page) ₱200
  • Handbook of Critical Care by Hall 2003 (brand new) ₱350
  • Synopsis of Cardiac Physical Diagnosis by Abrams 2001/2nd ed (brand new) ₱450
  • The Medical Book of Lists: A Primer of Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine by Greenberger 3rd ed (brand new) ₱150



  • Jawetz, Melnick, and Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology by Brooks 2004/23rd ed (brand new) ₱200



  • PRETEST: Neuroscience by Siegel 2010/6th ed (brand new) ₱100
  • Adams & Victor’s Principles of Neurology by Ropper 2014/10th ed (like new. few highlighted pages) ₱3,700
  • Technique of the Neurologic Examination by DeMyer 2011/6th ed (brand new) ₱950
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated by Lindsay 2004/4th ed (brand new) ₱250
  • PRETEST: Neurology by Anschel 2003/5th ed (brand new) ₱100
  • Crash Course: Neurology by Liporace 2006/1st ed (brand new) ₱250



  • Comprehensive Gynecology by Lentz 2012/6th ed (photocopied hard bound book. brand new) ₱500
  • PRETEST: Obstetrics and Gynecology by Schneider 2006/11th ed (brand new) ₱100
  • National Medical Series for Obstetrics and Gynecology by Pfeifer 2007/6th ed (like new. very very few highlights) ₱1,400
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines on Third Trimester Bleeding and Post Partum Hemorrhage by Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecologic Society 2009 (brand new) ₱250
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines  on Hypertension in Pregnancy by Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecologic Society 2015 (brand new) ₱250
  • Prelabor Rupture of Membranes: Best Practice Recommendations by Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecologic Society 2014 (brand new photocopied and bound) ₱100



  • Vaughan and Ashbury’s Ophthalmology by Riordan-Eva 2013/18th ed (good condition. chapters with highlight) ₱700
  • Ophthalmology Resource Compilation (best for Optha Boards review! Contains 3 different Ophtha resources) ₱500



  • USMLE ROAD MAP: Physiology by Pasley 2006/2nd ed (brand new) ₱250
  • PRETEST: Physiology by Metting 2008/12th ed (brand new) ₱100



  • PRETEST: Pharmacology by Shlafer 2010/12th ed (brand new) ₱100
  • Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2014 (acceptable condition. some pages got wet then dried. US pocket-version of MIMS) ₱100
  • MIMS Respirology 2011/5th ed (good condition) ₱50
  • MIMS Gastroenterology 2003 (good condition) ₱50
  • MIMS Rheumatology, Allergy, and Immunology 2013 (like new) ₱80



  • Guide for History Taking, Physical Examination, & Diagnosis of Pediatric Patients [UST BLUE BOOK] by UST Department of Pediatrics 3rd ed (like new, few highlights) ₱200
  • Preventive Pediatric Health Care Handbook by Philippine Pediatric Society 2014 (acceptable condition. many highlights) ₱150
  • PRETEST: Pediatrics by Yetman 2006/11th ed (brand new) ₱100
  • Kaplan Pediatrics Board Review (Photocopied, no cover page, like new condition) ₱100
  • National Medical Series for Pediatrics by Dworkin 5th ed (brand new) ₱1,000    
  • The Philippine Consensus for the Management of Childhood Asthma (brand new black and white copy of original) ₱50



  • Pocket Companion to Robbins and Cotron’s Pathologic Basis of Disease [BABY ROBBINS] by Mitchell 2011/8th ed (like new. few wrinkled pages)   ₱1,200
  • USMLE ROAD MAP: Histology by Sheedlo 2005/1st ed (brand new) ₱150


  • Basic Radiology by Chen 2011/2nd ed (very good condition. some pages previously folded, few margin notes)  ₱500



  • CASE FILES: Surgery by Toy 2007/2nd ed (brand new) ₱100





OTHERWISE, buyer must shoulder delivery charge via XEND or LBC.




#3 Newlylicensed2017


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Posted 25 September 2017 - 09:35 AM

Hi! I'm selling my reviewers :)
most of them were never used :)

National Medical series (NMS) Clinical anatomy 3rd ed.
Black and white
Bought from Morayta Bookstore, never opened :)
Orig price:295
Selling price: 200

Board Review Series Gross anatomy8th ed
Colored! No highlights. Never used
Orig price: 450
Selling price: 400

Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple 6th ed
Never used
Orig price: 400
Selling price: 350

Katzung and Trevor's Pharmacology
examination and Board review
11th ed
Less than 10pages with highlight :)
Orig price: 650
Selling price: 600

Board Review series: Pathology
5th ed
Never used
Orig price: 510
Selling price: 450

First aid: Absite (Surgery)
super few pages with highlight
Orig price: 440
Selling price: 390

You may send me a private message here.
I can send you pictures of these medical books if you want :) you can also offer your own price :) thank you!